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About Me

Hi my name is Anna Lopez. I have always had a love for design and feel that my creative nature surpasses all other inherent traits. I am mostly a self-taught designer, having had help along the way from some amazing teachers and mentors. I started designing after opening my first business, the first bridal consignment store in Denver. I quickly realized that art and design could develop into more than just a passion for me.

I have started several successful businesses and have worked for many reputable companies, both as an independent contractor and as a fixed team member. I have a degree in Marketing with a minor in Behavioral Science. I have always had a fascination with psychology and human behavior and have been told that I read people well. I believe this is the key to my success in marketing and business.

I am a native to Colorado but have had the opportunity to live and travel to many different places around the world, which continually inspires my work and creative process. I am passionate about start-up consulting and design, supporting women owned businesses, travel, apparel design, writing, networking and event coordination.

About You

I enjoy working with clients that are laid back, conscious and clear in their needs and desires. My perfect client would be either of the following:

  • Knows exactly what they want and can concisely articulate what they have in mind

  • Has no idea what they want and allows me to create as I see fit

The in-betweeners, as I call them, vague yet demanding are sure to get my knickers in a twist.

Whatever your business needs are, I am here to help. So if you have a fun project in mind that you would like to see come into fruition, let’s discuss the possibilities.


I am eager to take on as many projects as possible but due to an increase in workload and a decrease in time because of the many projects I have prior commitments to, I am only able to accept select clients. Please contact me to discuss your project and my availability.